Everything comes to an end

It looks like it is finally drawing to a close, the amazing weather that has run since the beginning of may, through the mad heat of mid summer through to the balmy and mostly dry, sunny autumn is going to give way to something a bit more chilly this weekend. The sun in still expected to shine, but as the days shorten the sun just doesn't have the power to warm us all up again.

Just the time to start looking for your gloves and scarves in that case? What do you mean you can't find them? (the dog has had my left glove as a toy since last march). Looks like you are going to need some new ones for this season. Our scarves and gloves this year are really, really lovely, even if I do say so myself, and we are running offers instore on multibuys in each.

As the man said "winter is coming", time to wrap up warm, get the heating on and enjoy it for what it is......... maybe its actually time for a new beginning??