Burford now fully open

Burford now fully open

After our speedy turnaround of getting the premises, it seemed to take ages, and lots of visits to Ikea, to be set up and ready for our customers, with a real stop and start beginning. Water pouring in when it rained, finding our manager, figuring out the politics of parking, adding more lighting, and more lighting and more lighting, tweaking the product mix on offer, training, to name but a few of the humps in the road we encountered.

However, we are now full steam ahead. Learning about trading in Burford as you only can once you are there, getting to know our local customers popping in going up the hill or down and looking forward to Christmas.

As always, if there is anything you dont like, we'd love you to tell us so we can fix it. Anything you do like, we'd love you to tell the world.

Hopefully see you soon

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